New Carp to The Oaktree
New Carp to The Oaktree 2
New Carp to The Oaktree 3
New Carp to The Oaktree 4

New Residents to The Oaktree

The Oaktree – Our new exciting syndicate water on The Manor Complex.
Last week we added 29 new residents to The Oaktree (See pictures below)
We are very excited to see what this lake will produce!!
12 acres of mystery… new virgin water that has never been open to fishing before.
We completed the otter fence and originally intended to open the lake up to members in 2022. But demand has been such that we have been convinced to open it up this year on a ‘sold as seen basis’ (By that we mean there are currently no cut swims at present; it’s back to old fashion carping from a grassy bank).
Swims will be constructed throughout the year where needed along with some landscaping.
Exact stock levels are unknown, though with the help of drone footage over the hot summer days we estimate there to be in excess of over 100 carp in the lake, with further stocking planned over the next 12 months, we are very excited to see what this water can produce.
The size of the fish is also unknown, though some very limited experimental fishing in the summer (two anglers 4 nights but no days) yielded 11 carp ( 1 x14lb, 1 x 17lb 1 x 19, 8 x 20-31lb).