Lake Rules

Please find below the membership rules that apply to ALL Fosters Fisheries lakes.

The overall philosophy of this syndicate is one of friendship, courtesy and welfare of the fish and wildlife. Please abide by the following rules to ensure that we all have an enjoyable experience.

  1.  A 10MPH Speed limit is in force whilst on fishery premises. Please follow ‘One Way’ directional signs.
  2. Please park in designated car-parking areas. Do not drive or park on the grass verges or any grassed area around the complex.
  3. Please do not pass items over the otter fence
  4. All gates must be locked at all times around the fishery premises, anyone found leaving these open will incur a ban for a period of time.

NB/ Can you please remember to mix up code on padlock after use.

  1. Please keep toilet facilities clean and tidy. Anyone failing to do so will be asked to immediately leave the Fishery.
  2. All litter and rubbish (including cigarette ends) must be taken home.Any member found fishing in the proximity of litter (whether it’s theirs or not) will be held responsible for it.
  3. Bivvies’ must be set up in peg boundaries
  4. Memberships are non-transferable. Any member found breaking this rule will have their membership revoked without refund.
  5. No children under 14 years of age are allowed on site
  6. Members are required to attend at least 2 work parties per year. If this rule is not adhered to, a penalty of £30 per work party missed will be enforced or added to renewal charges.
  7. The boat is only to be used for freeing snagged fish or freeing line. A lifejacket must be worn, (which you have to supply yourself).

Under no circumstances can bait or rigs be dropped from the boat.

Please return the boat to its storage place when finished.

Do not leave it in your swim!

  1. Bait boats are allowed, but must be used responsibly. Anyone found to be using their bait boat irresponsibly will lose the right to use the bait boat permanently.
  2. No BBQs or Kelly kettles to be used on grassed areas (use gravel area only).
  3. You are allowed to bring one none fishing partner with you to the fishery, subject to the following rules:
  • Guests must be over 14 years of age
  • Only one guest per member allowed onto the fishery at any one time.
  • Members are accountable and responsible for their guests at all times when on the fishery.
  • Guests are subject to fishery rules around conduct and behaviour.
  • Guest are not allowed to fish or be left to supervise rods or handle fish.
  • No additional bivvies / shelters are allowed on site to accommodate your guest.
  1. No pets allowed on site.(This is a stipulation of our lease)
  2. Reserving swims between members is not permitted.
  3. The maximum number of rods permitted is 3 per angler.
  4. Members must use their own Large high sided unhooking mat, Min. 42” landing net and large weigh sling.
  5. Nets, slings and unhooking mats must be dipped before entering the lake boundary fencing.
  6. Rods must never be left unattended. However, swims can be vacated for a maximum of 2 hours at the member’s own risk for shopping etc.
  7. Any injured or distressed fish must be reported to a Bailiff or Management without failure.
  8. Bait restrictions – NO NUTS ARE ALLOWED ON SITE – not even in ground bait or method mixes.

Maggots can be used in reasonable quantities only

Particles can be used but must be correctly prepared.

  1. Micro barbed hooks only. ‘Long Shank Nailers and bent hooks are not permitted.
  2. Braided mainline is banned with exception for use with spod and marker Rods.
  3. When using Spod or Spoms a float attachment must be used.
  4. Fixed lead rigs / lead core are banned.
  5. No plastic or artificial baits to be used.
  6. All members to be in possession of carp care antiseptic kit for use as required.
  7. Line must be at least 15lb breaking strain.
  8. Clear photographs must be taken of all fish caught, showing both sides. Photos should be submitted along with the weight and date caught within 2 weeks of capture.

Anyone found to be withholding details of fish captures from the Management Team with receive a temporary ban. Repeated incidents will result in permanent ban with no refund.

  1. No Drones are to be used anywhere across the Fishery complex.
  2. NO PIKE fishing of any type is allowed on any of the Manor Complex waters.

Separate written consent will be needed to fish for pike and written permission needs to be obtained from the Fishery Management Team (subject to conditions) before any member attempts to fish for Pike. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in immediate withdrawal of membership with no refund.

  1. Consent is implied as a result of your membership for photographs of you and your fish to be used for promotion of the fishery.
  2. UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR – Noise, bad behaviour, foul language, drug use and excessive drinking will not be tolerated.

We have a ZERO tolerance policy in relation to DRUG and Excessive DRINK offences.


Fishery management reserve the right to ask any member committing these offences to immediately leave the site.

Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in either a temporary suspension or permanent ban without any refund. The decision of the fishery management is final.

All members’ fish at their own risk and RF Fisheries or any individuals associated with RF Fisheries accepts no responsibility or liability for any accident, incident or damage to persons, vehicles or tackle under any circumstances.

Fishery Management reserve the right to close the fishery or amend the rules at any time without notice or refund.

Please notify the Fishery Management Team or Bailiffs immediately if you see any incident such as:  wildlife or fish in distress; pollution; suspicious behaviour; trespass etc.

Please be aware that this site is prone to flooding so please check before and during your visit.

If you have any queries, please contact